Winooski Youth Center

To most effectively provide for the youth, FKF will be opening the Winooski Youth Center (WYC, pronounced WISE). An inclusive space to help train young minds and bodies. They will be taught the importance of making wise decisions because the decisions they make as youth could have a huge impact on the quality of their adult lives.  WYC will provide young people with the tools they need to become the best version of themselves both physically and mentally. They will learn to better cope with life’s challenges by learning skills that include fitness, self-defense, nutrition, and meditation.


The WYC will be open 7 days a week to provide the youth ample opportunity to take advantage of all the resources the space has to offer. On Friday and Saturday nights the center will be open later, keeping kids out of trouble and providing enriching, entertaining events such as fight nights, comedy, poetry, etc.


Most programs will be free, however, there may be some off-site excursions that require a small fee. We will continuously fundraise and apply for grants to help cover these event costs. We will always "fight the good fight" to ensure that no kid is left behind, regardless of their social economic background. The WYC will strive to provide a consistently accessible safe space for youth and young adults to connect, learn, and thrive.

Self Sufficiency Housing

Young adults, unable to afford their own place, are living with their parents in greater numbers than at any time since the Great Depression — a phenomenon that started before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Pew Research Center. 


"This is the first time I can ever remember the housing crisis affecting everyone, not just the low-income," said Cindy Reid, development director at Cathedral Square, which develops and manages 26 affordable housing communities in northwestern Vermont. 

Reid, who has worked in Vermont housing for three decades, said there is a perfect storm of adverse conditions right now.


The FKF Self Sufficiency Program will provide temporary housing to young adults in need. 


We will help them find employment, teach them about basic finance (i.e., budgeting), cooking, and nutrition. A portion of their income will be put into an escrow account to help them save up to get permanent housing.